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Gettysburg Re-enactment


I was up in Pennsylvania this past weekend and drove through Gettysburg.

They are busy making preparations for the hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the monumental battle. And there are posters up throughout the region of southern Pennsylvania inviting all the re-enactors to come and join in the fun.

Unfortunately, I have to be working next week and I won’t be able to make it up there. I’ve been all over the battlefield years ago and know of so many areas of conflict that it will take thousands of re-enactors to pull off anything visually arresting, at any of the locations.

And this morning there was a small troop of Confederate re-enactors moving through Loudoun County en route to the historic battleground at Gettysburg.

I would imagine that though most of the soldiers will drive closer to the scene of action, I know there are a lot of historically-minded people who prefer to really get into the sense of the times: marching hundreds of miles in ninety-plus temperatures before the exertion of battle.

Ah, if only I was a decade (or two!) younger…

Having been a re-enactor when younger, I know what that is like and yet it is still so far from the reality of the action in 1863.

It makes me glad to think of it at a century plus remove from our world.

If that was only true for other parts of the world as well.