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I Actually Started this Blog…

Having been to several sites where the Civil War was being discussed by people who simply let their emotions run away with their mouths, I wanted a forum to discuss the material like reasonable mature adults.

Well, it has been a couple of years and there have been no takers. All those interested in the subject have stepped quietly past this blog and went elsewhere.

My only assumption is that they really do not have anything cogent to present on the subject. They figure if they cannot call someone a %$@*#&%$ then they would rather not talk at all.

So be it.

It is an old saying that one may lead a horse to water but you cannot make the animal drink civilly while there.

Personally, I think many people are taking this thing a little too hard.

Those of the southern persuasion – for sure – but just as many from the Yankee havens as well. Neither side can get over the fact that “their side” either won or lost the contest.

That passions can still run high after a century and a half should not come as a surprise. Many of us had a grandparent who – though not engaged in the conflict – had probably met people who were. That is encountering the tales at only one remove.

When I was in Britain many years ago, I met a couple of Scots who were still angry over the Battle of Flodden. The Scots lost the battle to the English and lost their King as well in the struggle.

To show you the depth of their passion, this September 9th, 2013, marks the 500th anniversary of the battle. Five hundred years and there are still people upset!

With the Civil War still so “fresh” in our national conscience it is no wonder so many are still passionate about it.

Just… none of them come over here to discuss it.