the Cure for an Ailing Republic

First off, let’s remove the bindings and bandages that are holding this disease-torn body together, and return it to a republic. First you need to know what a republic is. A republic originally meant a government of a union of politically sovereign states.

I repeat: a union of politically sovereign states.

That was the earlier situation of this country. Lincoln ended it by invading a foreign sovereign nation and then conquering the North as well.

The definition of republic today is quite different than it once was and I think the definition has changed to reflect how the country changed. And I can easily see the definition of freedom changed to reflect our current subservience.

The ‘republic’an party (like the democrats) do not particularly want a return to republicanism. Our first Republican President (Lincoln) did not want a Republic. When he claimed “the Union must be preserved” he meant the Federal Government. If he had meant a republic, the states would have been allowed to leave. “Sovereign States” would have had sovereign rights. Lincoln denied this in spite of what the Constitution said.

The government Lincoln created was like a friendship where you cannot leave, or an employment you cannot quit… in order words: SLAVERY (what he was “supposedly” fighting against – ain’t that a laugh?!) Jefferson’s visionary nightmare of a despotic central government has come to pass.

And it just keeps going further and further from true.


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