The Name of the War

Quite a few respondents complained that the Southern sympathizers should just call the conflict “the Civil War”, because that is its name.

Nice try, fellas, but that is not quite right either.

The Battle of First Manassas has always been called the First Battle of Bull Run by the South. See their contemporary dispatches for corroboration. Throughout history, either side has the right to name the battles whichever way they see fit.

The same goes for the conflict.

Just because the Northern stance was that secession was illegal and the war was therefore a civil war, the South contended that secession was legal and the invasion by the United States was an unwarranted invasion of their sovereign nation.

The validity of secession was never put to the test (as a legal issue) and now, in the aftermath of the war (by whichever name you prefer), it really is a moot point.

So we should not quibble whether it is called the Civil War, the War Between the States, or the War of Northern Aggression. Since we know what is being referred to, allow someone else the latitude to choose the name that speaks to them.

And one respondent said it was more technically correct to call it War Among the States rather than “Between” them. But I don’t think anyone was thinking about the rules of grammar when they called it the War Between the States.

No need for anyone to be that picky. There are bigger issues to tackle. Whatever name someone uses, if you know what they are talking about… be big enough to let it slide.

Someone may cut you a little slack somewhere else, you know?


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