“You Won, Get Over It!”

Psychologically speaking, dismissing the Civil War as something someone should “get over” makes one wonder if the speaker is not attacking as a method of hiding their shame for something else. It’s a technique called “deflecting” and redirects the attention back on the questioner. It is over utilized in therapy sessions as a way of identifying hidden problems. I wonder how it applies here.

Perhaps the shame is for their nation creating a period in Southern history that even the history books tend to gloss over. The Reconstruction Era is, as one respondent mentioned, the period of American history least touched upon in public schooling. In any form. And yes, I’ve been through it and remember that lack.

And, having studied the period, it is a bit of an embarrassment on the North that such was allowed to happen on their watch. And it was their watch since they occupied the whole of the Confederacy for a time.

No wonder the Yankees want people to simply forget about it as quickly as possible. If I had been responsible for such a social trauma, I would not want anyone to remember it either.

And on a further note, for all those people attacking the Southern States for their white supremacy, I cannot see that things fared any better for the race the North had “gone to war” to free. Kicking someone out of their home without food, clothing, and shelter without at least some effort to get them going in a new life is not my idea of freeing anyone.

It’s just like a con man who wants to “liberate” your wallet. Sure, its freedom, but for whom? And for what?

Shame on those Yankees!


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