“You Lost, Get Over It!”

The most often used phrase I have heard in discussions of the Civil War, and usually spoken by a supporter of the North to a supporter of the South: “You lost, get over it.”

Not the most intelligent response in a reasoned dialogue… but then I don’t think the speaker was really looking for any dialogue, reasoned or otherwise. It was meant as an insult and a shut ’em up.

As I mentioned in my opening post, there are Scots who are still upset over battles that happened six centuries ago. Why then shouldn’t it still matter to the Sons of the South? When I was growing up, I knew my great-grandfather who, though not a combatant, was fairly close to the conflict: he had been born during the war and as raised during the Reconstruction Era.

Generationally speaking, it is still very fresh in our consciousness.

One of the respondents to the Loewen article mentioned working in Japan for a time. He was afraid that the Japanese would harbor resentments toward Americans for what we did at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On the contrary, he found they were mostly very friendly to Americans. He wondered why, and so he asked, and was told it was because the Americans stepped in and helped rebuilt Japan after the war.

Apparently their Reconstruction was a tad better than that inflected on the Confederate States by our Federal Government.

This has always made me think that perhaps the North is laboring under some form of collective guilty conscience.

And has prompted me on occasion to say: You Won, Get Over It


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