Loewen’s Myths #3: Most White Southerners Didn’t Own Slaves, So They Wouldn’t Secede For Slavery

Probably the main complaint voiced by the respondents had to do with this section. Loewen seems to think that because “many low-income people support the extension” of the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy, it somehow proves his theory that the poor Southerners all thought optimistically enough to think they would one day join the class of wealthy landowners.

First of all, how can a sociologist – which I believe Loewen is – seriously think that most everyone wanted to be rich? I think there were enough examples then as there are now that wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness. I think they would all want to be comfortable and happy and, perhaps, a little better off but I doubt if they wanted to be wealthy slave owners.

And as for it going hand-in-hand with the idea of white supremacy, that attitude was as prevalent in the North as in the South. One should not forget that Manifest Destiny was white supremacy at its best, and it was the pillar and mainstay of the Northern states.

Treatment of the Native Americans – both North and South – shows that this white supremacy was not merely an attitude held by the slave owners of the South. And Loewen should know this better than most.

But even Yankees were blindly bigoted in this area.


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