Courtesy in Conflict

This Blog is based upon an article by James W. Loewen, Sunday, January 9, 2011, on the Washington Post website. It may still be there for a while. I will be looking at what he said as well as the firestorm of comments the short srticle produced. As many have commented: the war is still being fought.

Aside from the Loewen article and its commenters, I have seen quite a few web sites allowing a rather “free-wheeling” discussion of the Civil War.

Many of the writers supporting the North seem to think the opposition are a bunch of ignorant slobs who bow in support of the evil empire, while many of those taking the Southern side view the opposition as a bunch of ignorant slobs who bow in support of the evil empire. Regardless of how low the blow can be struck against such an enemy, it seems to apply equally to the other side.

Enough said. Rebukes and name-calling may be satisfying in some respect to many but such are not allowed in this discussion. If you consider someone’s opinion to be insanely wide of the mark or even slightly stupid, you can keep that opinion to yourself. We are not here to discuss the failings of one another – save that stuff for your group therapy sessions afterward – we are here to discuss the event being sesquicentennialized.

I plan to keep most of the articles short to cover only a small aspect of the discussion to help in focusing the discussion. Please keep any comments to the subject of discussion for everyone’s sake. Mine especially as I seem incapable of quantum leaps.

Keep the gloves ON and let’s have a clean fight.


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